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The AddeyPro Story

At the Front Line of the Digital Sales Revolution

The modern buyer has become better at buying faster than the seller has become at selling. A CSO Insights study reveals that sales rep’s quota attainment in 2018 was only 54%. Too many sellers are trying to sell to yesteryear’s buyer. Today’s buyer is on their own journey. The modern buyer requires a modern seller who is a trusted resource.

Today, we teach, consult and practice modern digital selling strategies trusted by B2B brands who partner with AddeyPro to help their sales teams increase win rates through digital selling practices.

Our approach to digital selling is Omnichannel. We teach B2B sales reps to engage the buyer through the PVC method: personalization, value and call-to-action.

The Modern Seller Leverages Content to Attract the Modern Buyer

Historically, marketing has focused on delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs). But, salespeople need content that aligns to the buyer’s journey and empowers the sales team to add value to each phase of the buyer’s journey, resulting in building trust and more conversations.

There has been a rush to train sales teams on “social selling” with a half-baked approach too often through a one-day training event with much of the emphasis on how to use social technology. This approach results in little if any behavior change. Too often, the results have been “meh.”

Digital Sales Transformation Creates More Sales Conversations and Higher Win Rates

Today’s savvy sales professional knows that building relationships through social media in our hyper-connected economy is more important than ever. The modern sales pro builds her personal brand every day. With an average of 6.8 decision makers in most Fortune 5000 deals, sellers have to engage buyers one-to-one by building trust, credibility and likeability.

At AddeyPro, we are passionate about one thing….Helping sales professionals create more conversations with qualified buyers. More conversations lead to more pipeline, and with proper execution of the techniques we teach leads to higher win rates, which is what every sales leader wants.

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