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Your Simple Solution for LinkedIn Lead & Referral Generation


How it works

Establish Your Professional Brand >

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Engage with Insights >

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How It Works

The modern seller engages the modern buyer through an Omnichannel digital selling strategy. Using the AddeyPro’s Five Pillar method whereby sellers Personalize, Add Value and Engage with a Call-to-Action, they create more conversations with qualified buyers and increase their win rates.

AddeyPro will help you…


Establish Your Professional Brand

AddeyPro builds a profile that allows salespeople to communicate their value to the buyer.

“According to LinkedIn’s 2018 State of Sales Report 62% of decision makers look for an informative LinkedIn profile when considering talking with a sales rep.”


Find The Right People

AddeyPro builds out search features to help salespeople find the right people and build an extensive network.

Engage With Insights

AddeyPro enables salespeople's ability to consistently share relevant content that builds credibility. “77% 0f decision makers won’t engage with salespeople who don’t have insights or knowledge of their business”

Build Relationships

AddeyPro enables opportunities to develop trust with buyers through value-based networking behavior

Engage In More Conversations

AddeyPro enables more sales conversations with buyers and increases win rates. This service is designed to produce a constant flow of leads for you and your salespeople to follow up on.

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