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LinkedIn Personal Branding and

Profile Optimization Services

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Connect With More Buyers

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression to your target buyer. Every day, your buyers are searching LinkedIn and visiting profiles, looking for people who can solve their business problems. Unfortunately, many sales reps, business owners, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs have a LinkedIn profile that reads like a resume, filled with professional accomplishments as opposed to showing your target buyers:

  • Who you help

  • How you help

  • That you understand their business problem

  • How you’ve helped companies just like theirs in the past

  • How you can help them

With a Linked Profile Transformation from AddeyPro, you can leverage your profile to connect with your buyers through thoughtfully crafted language that maps your solution to the buyer’s journey. With your relevant keywords embedded into your headline, profile summary, job experience, projects and skills, we help you appear in more search results.

But the goal isn’t just to get people to visit your profile. Your profile needs engaging content that generates leads through carefully placed call-to actions.

The Most Important Sections of Your LinkedIn Profile

Every aspect of your LinkedIn profile is important to appear in more search results, drive people to your profile, and once there, give them a reason to contact you. All aspects of your profile should work together to increase engagement and drive leads. Some of the most important sections of your LinkedIn profile are:

1. Headline

There are now more than 600 million LinkedIn users. How do you stand out from all the noise? A strong headline explaining who you help and how you help converts more visitors to conversations.

2. Summary

The top section of the Summary only provides 70 characters to entice your visitors to ‘Click More’ and read your entire Summary. With such limited space, it’s imperative that you carefully plan your first sentence to motivate visitors to read your entire Summary.


3. Current Experience

If the Current Experience section of your LinkedIn profile reads like a resume, then you could be losing buyers without even knowing it. Even worse is if you haven’t added any content to your current position explaining how you solve problems for your customers.


4. Projects and Publications

How do you add credibility to your profile? One way is to communicate how you’ve been a contributing member to your industry through projects and publications. This can include blog posts you’ve published on LinkedIn or your company’s website, conferences you’ve spoken at, research projects you’ve worked on or even ways you have solved problems for your customers.


5. Multimedia

LinkedIn allows you to add multimedia to your profile, including YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations, and even links to websites. By taking advantage of this tool you can use visuals to illustrate how you’ve helped other companies in your industry.

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Get More Sales

    Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

    An effective LinkedIn profile helps improve your ability to:


    • Be found by your buyer
    • Build your personal brand
    • Drive CTA
    • Show your expertise
    • Show proven results
    • Show companies you’ve helped in the past
    • Drive engagement
    • Connect with your buyer


    After a LinkedIn Profile Transformation through AddeyPro, your optimized profile can show your target market the value you offer and give you a platform to achieve social selling success.

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